Electric curtains come to Wallingford Town

In this post we talk about a trend that we’ve been noticing more and more in Wallingford town and that is that people are increasingly using electric curtain tracks in their homes. These automated curtains are starting to make an appearance in more and more houses around the city center and beyond, we spoke to a few home owners and asked them exactly why.

A little bit about electric curtain tracks

Before we started writing and researching this article, we had never really come across electric curtain tracks or any kind of motorised curtains. I myself had seen them briefly in a number of Diy stores but had never had a chance to have a look at them properly and find out how they worked. Well we spoke with Discount Electric Curtains, a leading supplier of electric curtain who were able to give us a little more information on the topic.

It turns out that electric curtains were borne out of necessity originally. People with mobility issues and particularly the elderly sometimes had issues with being able to close their curtains or use their curtain tracks, add this to modern technology and electric curtain rails were born. These incredible inventions actually work by powering up a motor when a signal is sent to the curtain track device which then starts the motor which in turns closes the curtains.

Why has Wallingford town adopted electric curtain tracks?

The reason that electric curtains are becoming so prevalent is because Wallingford has an aging population, I’m sure they won’t mind me saying! Added to this it is quite and affluent area and these items tend to attract disposable income as they aren’t a necessity for most homes. With that being said, we are seeing that more and more people who having tried these gadgets are sold on them. I have to say, having tried my first set of automated curtains, I was sold on them too and ended up getting a set of curtain poles for my home!

A Specialist concrete Block and beam Floor company that service Wallingford Town

Glad you could join us again! We hope that you made it through our first Wallingford Town post safe and sound. Today we’re going to be writing about a company that we here at this blog have used personally, we are of course talking about Total Concrete Products. Not so long ago we were having some offices built for us that required a great deal of concrete flooring and concrete beam and block flooring being put down and these guys were definitely up to the job.

We chatted with Total Concrete Products about their business

After having a chat with them on our building site about what we did, they were interested in being featured on our blog. We only knew them for the block and beam floor that they installed for us as well as the concrete fence panels that they supplied us with but after speaking to them, we discovered that there was a lot more to their business.

As well as creating many block and beam floors, they explained how their technology actually works. Rather than simply letting the concrete beams set, they actually carry out a process that is known as ‘prestressing’ what this basically means is during the hardening process the concrete beams are actually put under pressure so that they set a lot harder and are far more resistant to pressure. Having concrete that is resistant to pressure is particularly important to building project in Wallingford Town or outside.

wallingford town concrete beam

How did our concrete block and beam floor work?

Well having previously done the foundations for a building in Wallingford Town myself, I thought I knew a thing or two about foundations but this was a real eye opener for me. The system works by placing concrete beams horizontally in the foundations, the next step is to then use the strength of cement blocks and fill in the gaps. Added to this is general rubble to make up the bulk of the foundations. We could go on and on about this topic, there’s so much to know but instead we recommend that you check out the Total Concrete Products website instead.

A commercial dishwasher business based in Wallingford

Welcome to our first post and today we are going to be talking about a business that services many of the restaurants and other catering businesses in the Wallingford area. We are of course talking about Prowashers. For anyone that doesn’t know, this is a company that specialises in selling their industrial dishwasher range as well as other catering equipment specifically to the catering industry, so for example your local restaurant or pub may have one of their dishwashers of glass washers.

What makes a commercial dishwasher from Prowashers so special?

Well, we’re glad you asked. As you may or may not be aware, there are a vast number of commercial dishwasher sellers out there competing for the custom of restaurant owners. What you may not know is that not all suppliers offer the same level of service and quality that Prowashers does.

After speaking with the owners, who is a previous resident of Wallingford, we discovered that they offer an excellent level of service and aftercare that some of their competitors do not. This is one of the reasons that they’re quickly becoming a catering equipment company to be reckoned with.

commaercial dishwasher Prowashers

How can Prowashers help you buy an industrial dishwasher?

Well firstly we would say, why not give them a call. When speaking to them, they came across as being extremely willing to help and give us advice on our own commercial dishwasher needs. They seemed to be pretty knowledgeable about the latest trends in dish washers too, which is why we were so happy to talk to them and write our first post about them too. So whether you’re in Wallingford town or not, give these guys a call!

Welcome to Wallingford, Oxfordshire

With its vibrant community life, and intriguing history, the market town of Wallingford in Oxfordshire has much to offer residents and visitors alike.

The first settlers in Wallingford were drawn here by the River Thames – and the river is still one of Wallingford’s great attractions. There’s plenty more besides to enjoy – Wallingford boasts an appealing town centre with a great selection of independent shops, regular local markets and a range of restaurants, cafes and hostelries. There are also all kinds of fascinating corners of Wallingford to explore with beautiful villages and South Oxfordshire countryside all around. Did you know that Midsomer Murders is filmed in the area and that Causton is the fictional location of Wallingford? Or that Agatha Christie lived in Wallingford and wrote her characters and stories around local landmarks. (Her remains are buried in Cholsey) For more Tourist Information click here.

And if you live or work in Wallingford, there are all kinds of ways to get involved in the life of our thriving community. Wallingford has something for everyone – as we very much hope you will discover when you browse this site.